The development of LED landscape lighting fixtures has been around for a long time, and its future applications are quite broad. In addition to energy-saving, its safe and long-life use is what we should pay more attention to!

Lighting engineering is also an important part of the building.  In order to beautify the city environment and improve the overall image of the city, the shopping malls, tourist attractions, and streets with heavy traffic are illuminated by lights. The technical strength of the lighting engineering team on the market is uneven, so how to distinguish a good lighting project?


1. The overall planning of the night scene lighting project

Pre-planning is to prepare for the lighting project foreseeably and reduce the incidence of unexpected events. General night scene lighting engineering companies will ignore this step of the process. Of course, many of them are lighting engineering companies because they have undertaken a lot of lighting engineering projects and think they have enough experience, so they skipped one step. But a good lighting engineering company should consider issues more from the perspective of consumers.

For example, the project process, project budget, project details, etc. should be as detailed as possible. This is the professional performance of the lighting engineering company.


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2. The overall design of the night scene lighting project

Designing this link is the most difficult and cumbersome step to make a decision. Both the client and the organizer will have their own blueprints in their hearts. How to merge the two blueprints together is a difficult task. There are many designs for every lighting project. The professional team will do this, communicate with customers, understand what kind of effect the customer needs to achieve, and after drawing up the style, design it according to the budget. Face every lighting project plan with an attitude of excellence.


3.The procurement of lamps and lanterns for lighting projects

This link is probably one of the most concerned by customers. Usually, some black-hearted construction teams want to cut corners and directly affect the quality of the project. Therefore, a good lighting engineering team should be as transparent as possible about the specific procurement process, specific prices, etc.


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4.The construction quality of the night scene lighting project

It also puts forward clear requirements for the construction quality management of key construction parts and quality difficult parts, and withstands construction difficulties and key parts to do a good job in project quality supervision. This is the part that a good lighting project must pay close attention to. Moreover, customers should be invited to visit the construction site frequently and communicate with customers frequently.


5.After-sales service of night scene lighting project

After construction, there will always be some minor problems more or less. Lighting engineering company should do a good job of guaranteeing after-sales service

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