As we all know, the air comes includes heavy dust and sand. Solar light always has the problem of lower charging efficiency because solar panels covered by dust and sand day by day will decrease by 30% in 2 months without cleaning. Meanwhile, lamp fixtures are often used as habitats for birds. Result in shorter lighting time and high maintenance cost, Do you also have this problem before?

Let’s See our Avant series on how to perfectly solve this issue?

1.The solar panel is built-in the lamp,

it could get sunlight radiation from different directions all day long. our product put on 360°Auto- solar tracker, and solar panel with self-adaptive function, it can tracking max PowerPoint of suns motion, and aim at the radiant point in the daytime during the night it will keep flat. Charging efficiency increased by 20-30%.

2.Top dome design

Ensures that no birds can utilize the solar bollard as a resting point like all other competitor products as there is no flat surface or edge for them to grip on. This also eliminates the need for bird spikes and any harm to wildlife.

3.The PC material makes by Teijin(Japan brand) which is polycarbonate withstanding serious UV effects with only minimal yellowing starting at approximately 8-10 year on the dome and a temperature range capability of -20℃ to +60℃,impact resistance level reach IK10, warrantied for 5 years—and the warranty can be upgraded.

How to keep birds off your lamps? 2021062275472

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