What is smart lighting?


It can provide a rough definition of an intelligent lighting system. It is very convenient because the lamps can be individually controlled by automatic control technology (such as time switch, remote switch and changing brightness and color temperature according to the scene). Of course, smart lighting is so popular that it’s not just timer switches and remote controls that can change colors.

Why is it recommended to choose a smart lighting system? 2021042219223 2


1. Convenient and fast


In terms of smart lighting, remote control and mobile phone control are the first merits worth mentioning. As mentioned above, you can change the color temperature of the timing switch, remote control switch and light source by pressing a button. For example, you may forget to turn off the lights after going out. But I don’t know if it is closed and the person is driving on the road. Check the app on the smartphone to see if it is closed.


In another case, you are reading in the laboratory, you may want to have enough light, or you do not want its high brightness, smart lighting can quickly solve the problem, you can change the brightness through the smart lighting remote control.



2. Various lighting effects improve the quality.


The quality of light has a great influence on our work and research. The intelligent control system will automatically combine natural light to control the brightness of the space, so that the overall brightness is more consistent, easier to see, and more natural.



On the other hand, as long as you use a light bulb, everyone knows that the stroboscope will have problems. The built-in electrical equipment of the intelligent dimming system significantly reduces the impact of stroboscope problems on the human body and reduces visual fatigue.

Why is it recommended to choose a smart lighting system? 202104257687 2



3. Save energy, protect the environment and improve people’s happiness.


In the long run, the intelligent lighting control system can significantly improve the lighting conditions of the room, improve people’s happiness in life, increase work efficiency and reduce maintenance and management time. This is also part of the hidden advantages.

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